TRC253 is a novel, orally bioavailable small molecule discovered and developed by Janssen that is a potent, high affinity competitive inhibitor of the androgen receptor (AR). TRC253 is also a pan-inhibitor of multiple AR mutations, including the F877L mutation, and is under development for the treatment of men with prostate cancer. The AR F877L mutation results in an alteration in the ligand binding domain that confers resistance to current AR inhibitors. TRACON initiated clinical development of TRC253 in May 2017 and completed enrollment of a 72 patient Phase 1/2 trial in 2019.

Activation of the AR is crucial for the growth of prostate cancer at all stages of the disease. Therapies targeting the AR have demonstrated clinical efficacy by extending time to disease progression, and in some cases, the survival of patients with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. However, resistance to these agents is often observed and several molecular mechanisms of resistance have been identified, including amplification, overexpression or mutation of the AR.

TRC253 is intended to address resistance mechanisms to current AR inhibitors by specifically targeting mutations in the AR ligand binding domain. TRC253 also potently inhibits signalling through the wild type AR. These susceptible AR mutations have been identified using circulating tumor DNA assays, potentially allowing for selected patient biomarker-directed therapy

TRC253 Scientific Presentations

2019 ASCO, Abstract
2019 AACR, Preclinical Poster
2018 GU ASCO, TRC253 Phase 1/2 Trials in Progress Poster
2016 PCF Scientific Retreat, Preclinical Poster